Should Spotify Advertising be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Should Spotify Advertising be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Spotify currently has 36 percent of the world streaming market, among the most popular streaming services. The number of active subscribers on Spotify is projected to hit 232 million, and about 124 million do not really pay for the premium service. The figure is very far from the 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and more than 2 billion on Facebook, but Spotify is relatively fresh.


What is the Working Process of Spotify?

Spotify is an online and Podcast legal way. The Spotify workers, musicians, as well as other members can listen to the whole album or playlists. Subscribers can connect to Spotify for free but receive advertisements in official applications and occasionally audio advertising between tracks. Users can also buy the Premium subscription package to skip any ads.


Is Spotify Good for Advertising?

Spotify has seen consistent and substantial growth in recent years. The launch of its Spotify Ad Studio advertisement platform in autumn 2017 became initially been only accessible in the United States, but this service can be used both by the UK and Canada since March 2018.

Spotify has risen by 69 million to 271 million daily users in the third quarter of 2016 since the final quarter of 2014. The number of subscribers has risen from 18 million to 124 million during the same period.


Spotify ads are new to the industry, but without much competitiveness, it might be a way to reach the public. It varies from conventional platforms because it is the single platform for self-service audio advertising only. Audio advertisements are less costly than video ads. This also has the profit of helping you to meet a mobile crowd. You can also buy Spotify playlist followers and get started with marketing your playlist.


Who can use Spotify?

Spotify has a really dedicated following. The public has 100% signed in to the app and spends more than 2 hours a day so that Spotify can obtain a lot of data from its users. The integrated streaming intelligence from Spotify will determine what the public is addicted to, what songs, and how their ads can better be focused.


Advertising Options

Spotify still is relatively recent, and its advertisement studio becomes even newer so that you can bang loads! You will spend about £200-250 on the audio ads, but your quality is decided by picture display ads. Spotify knows the listening habits of its users in great detail, and this helps marketers to create storytelling advertisements for the right public. Find the following figures on the use of the app by Spotify:


  • 68 percent of the mobile stream.
  • 64 percent are more likely to purchase brands marketed by millennial listeners.
  • Millennials are repeating rather than spontaneously flowing, and the new technology items are 90 percent more likely.


Types of Ads on Spotify:

Audio ads

  • Play among songs regularly.
  • It can last 15-30 seconds.
  • Played each 15 minutes or so.
  • You cannot skip.
  • A photo and some text may be present.
  • Using Ad Studio Spotify


Display ads

  • Seen in the lower player of music.
  • Operate users after they have clicked on your page.
  • It can only be viewed on online platforms and desktops.
  • Using Brands Spotify


Spotify Targeting:

  • Destination
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Platform
  • Advertise anything or in specific genres and on certain playlists for all Spotify songs.


Working Process of Spotify Playlists

  • Spotify will provide brands with their logo, text, and connection to create a personalized playlist.
  • A minimum of 20 tracks by various artists are included in playlists.
  • There should be no particular artist on your list multiple times.
  • It does not include artists that you may think your product would be against.
  • Display your playlist on any site; Instagram is among the most useful for your playlist promotions. Spotify can also be added to your website! How unique are you going to stand out?


Final Words

Spotify is the best place for the advertisement of your brand. With a massive amount of audience, it has you can quickly grow your business. So start investing in Spotify Advertisement and grow your brand. 


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